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St. George’s Parish


St. George’s Parish is the easternmost parish of Bermuda and is joined to Hamilton Parish to the south. The historic town of St. George is the main center of the parish and has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The 400 year old town is the oldest continuously inhabited city of English origin in the Western Hemisphere. The Bermuda Airport is also located in St. George’s Parish.

There are several beaches to visit in St. George’s Parish including Alexandra’s Battery Beach, Tobacco Bay Beach, St. Catherine’s Beach, Achilles Bay, and Clearwater Beach. Alexandra’s Battery Beach is well-known for the wide variety of colored and clear sea glass that can be collected there. The water is calm, clear, and shallow making for excellent swimming and snorkeling.

Tobacco Bay Beach has pale yellow sand and is fantastic for snorkeling as there are many reef structures located under the water’s surface where a variety of colorful fish can be seen. The water is calm and shallow with good visibility. St. Catherine’s Beach has soft, white sand and is nice for swimming and snorkeling with its clear, calm water. There are portable restrooms available. Fort St. Catherine provides a backdrop for the beach.

Achilles Bay is a small heel-shaped beach with rock formations to explore left of the cove. The water is shallow fairly far out making this beach great for swimming and snorkeling. Fort St. Catherine overlooks the beach. Clearwater Beach has shallow water with sea grass covering the ocean floor making for interesting swimming and snorkeling. Clearwater Beach is home to the only true beach bar in Bermuda, The Gombeys Bar and Restaurant. The Gombeys Bar and Restaurant serves island food such as Bermuda fish chowder, fish sandwiches, jerk chicken grill, and so on.
There are a number of historical attractions in St. George’s Parish including the Bermuda Old State House, the Old Rectory, the Bridge House, the Carter House, St. Peter’s Church, and the Unfinished Church. St. Peter’s Church is believed to be the oldest continually used Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. There are several fascinating museums in St. George’s Parish including the Bermuda Heritage Museum, St. George’s Historical Society Museum, the Tucker House Museum, and the Bermuda National Trust Museum.

There are several low and moderately-priced restaurant in St. George’s Parish to match any culinary desire. Popular restaurants include Blackbeard’s Hideout, Black Horse Tavern, CV Café, Golden Dragon, Griffin’s, Tamasun’s Japanese House, Tavern by the Sea, White Horse Tavern, and Wahoo’s Bistro.

There is one budget accommodation option in St. George’s Parish and two luxury cottage style resorts. Aunt Nea’s Inn is a small guesthouse with 12 rooms and two suites available. Mid Ocean Club Cottages offers cottages all with open patio or private balcony. The club features a world-famous championship golf course. The resort also has four private beaches and two all-weather tennis courts. St. George’s Club Bermuda Cottages offers 71 cottages, 28 of which are one-bedroom and 43 of which are two-bedroom cottages. The resort features a golf course, a private beach, three pools, and three tennis courts.