Great Beach For Swimming and Snorkeling

Achilles Bay Beach is located on the northeast coast of Bermuda in on St. George’s Island, a half mile north of St. George. The beach gets its name because it is shaped like a heel, and therefore is associated with the Greek mythological hero Achilles who died from an arrow into his heel. This small beach has shallow water out a fairly far distance into the bay so the water is great for swimming and snorkeling. The beach usually isn’t crowded but can become so when cruise ships are in port so one should arrive early to make sure to snag a good spot on this small beach.

A variety of marine life can be seen when snorkeling including parrotfish, sergeant majors, and squid. There are rock formations left of the cove that are fun to explore. A large rock with a ladder fit into it juts out from the water that can be swam out to. The ladder can then be climbed down to look at the sea floor. There are no public restrooms available at Achilles Bay Beach, however there is a concession stand where one can rent umbrellas, beach chairs, and floats.

Nearby Attractions of Achilles Bay Beach Bermuda

St. Catherine’s Fort overlooks the beach. It is a quite impressive fort with a moat, drawbridge, guns, tunnels, and some exhibits worth taking a look at. The Beach House, a bar and restaurant formerly called Blackbeard’s Hideout, sits behind the beach and has fantastic ocean views.

There are several attractions near Achilles Bay including the St. George’s Club Golf Course just a short walk away. Historical sites to be seen in St. George include the Unfinished Church, the Old Rectory, the Old State House, the St. George Historical District, St. Peter’s Church, and the Stocks & Pillory and Ducking Stool. Nearby museums include the St. George’s Historical Society Museum, the Bermuda Heritage Museum, and the Bermuda National Trust Museum. There is an art gallery in St. George called Vera P. Card.

Nearby Hotels and Restaurants

The closest restaurant to Achilles Bay is Buzz Tobacco Cay which serves American food. Visitors enjoy their hamburgers and sandwiches. It is just a third of a mile southwest of the beach in easy walking distance. Other nearby restaurants in St. George include the George & Dragon, Light Nightclub, White Horse Pub, Temptations, Tavern by the Sea, Polaris Restaurant, Wahoo’s Waterside Bistro and Patio, and Griffin’s Bistro. White Horse Pub, Polaris Restaurant, and Wahoo’s all serve Caribbean fare. Temptations serves American cuisine.

St. George’s Club is an excellent hotel option in the area around Achilles Bay. This property consists of 71 cottages and is part vacation rental and part hotel as it is a timeshare property. There are one and two bedroom cottages, all of which have private patios and balconies. St. George’s Club has two restaurants, two bars, and three freshwater pools. In addition, it has a free shuttle to take guests to Achilles Bay. Mid Ocean Club is also a nearby hotel, but you must be a member or a member’s guest to stay at this ultra-exclusive property. Aunt Nea’s Inn at Hillcrest is a bed and breakfast located in St. George which has 12 guestrooms and two suites.


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