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Devonshire Parish


Devonshire Parish is located at the center of Bermuda with Pembroke Parish and Paget Parish to the east and Smith’s Parish to the west. It was named after William Cavendish, the 1st Earl of Devonshire who invested in the colonization of the parish even though he never visited Bermuda itself. The parish is primarily residential and rural with a population just over 7,000. The parish has no major beaches.

There are several nice nature attractions in Devonshire Parish. The Bermuda Arboretum consists of 22 acres and is a national park with a wide variety of trees and plants. There are three nature reserves: Winifred Gibbons Nature Reserve, Edmund Gibbons Nature Reserve, and Freer Cox Memorial Nature Reserve & Firefly Reserve. Winifred Gibbons Nature Reserve consists of two acres with a peat marsh. Many types of birds can be seen as well as native plants such as the Ten Day Ferns, wax-myrtle bushes, and wild orchids. Edmund Gibbons Nature Reserve is managed by the Bermuda National Trust and has many migratory birds and an assortment of flora and fauna. Freer Cox Memorial Nature Reserve & Firefly Reserve sits on ten acres and many wild orchids and different kinds of birds can be seen.

Devonshire Parish has a couple of notable churches. Old Devonshire Church dates back to 1624 and is one of the oldest churches in Bermuda. Christ Church was the house of Reverend Keith Harmon, the Rector of Devonshire Parish, in 1949. The queen was impressed with his skills as a photographer so the house was extended to have studios in its upper floor. The Ocean View Golf Course is located in Devonshire Parish and has just nine holes. It is run by the Bermudian Government. It is the cheapest golf course to play at in all of Bermuda.

Devonshire Bay is a national park with parkland, forts, and picnic areas. Palm Grove Gardens is an estate owned by Sir David Gibbons. It is open to the public on weekdays and features a collection of palms, a pond, an aviary, and sweeping lawns. Admission to the gardens is free.

There are very few restaurants in Devonshire Parish. Sammy’s Kitchen is at the Mid Atlantic Boat Club and serves chicken, burgers, and traditional Bermudian cuisine. Out of Bounds is at the Ocean View Golf Course and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of its popular menu items include fish tacos, codfish cakes, codfish balls, popcorn shrimp, and conch fritters. Several restaurants can be found by visiting the nearby capital city of Hamilton.

There is just one accommodation option in Devonshire Parish itself. The Barngrove Guest Apartments Bermuda is a private home with two guest apartments available for visitors. This accommodation option is excellent for those who are budget-conscious as it is quite inexpensive to stay. Up until 2008, there was the Ariel Sands Beach Club Hotel which was owned by Michael Douglas. There are plans for the hotel’s redevelopment into a mixed use of condo-hotel and resort, however this project is not expected to be completed any time soon.