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Paget Parish


Paget Parish is a centrally located parish in Bermuda with Warwick Parish to the west and Devonshire Parish to the east. The parish was named after William Paget, the 4th Baron Paget de Beaudesert. On its north side, Paget Parish is across the harbor from the capital city of Hamilton.

The main beach in Paget Parish is Elbow Beach. Elbow Beach is a large beach a half mile in length that is named because it resembles the curve of an elbow. The beach has public restrooms and a concession stand for renting beach equipment and snorkeling gear. There is a restaurant and bar located on the beach. The water is calm, however rip currents and Portuguese Man o’War are present. There are three hotels located at Elbow Beach.

There are a couple of nature reserves in Paget Parish: Paget Marsh Nature Reserve and Alfred Blackburn Smith Nature Reserve. Visitors can see pre-colonial vegetation at the 25-acre Paget Marsh Nature Reserve. Alfred Blackburn Smith Nature Reserve is an unspoiled forest. The Bermuda Botanical Gardens are in the Parish and visitors can see hundreds of species of shrubs, flowers, and trees. The Masterworks Museum of Modern Art is also located within the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and exhibits over 1200 pieces of artwork including paintings, drawings, photographs, maps, and memorabilia.

The majority of dining options in Paget Parish are located at hotels. Mickey’s Beach Bistro & Bar, Seahorse Grill, and Veranda Bar & Lounge are all at the Elbow Beach Hotel. Beau Rivage is a French eatery located at Newstead Hotel. Fourways Inn Restaurant also serves French cuisine and is located at the Fourways Inn Hotel. Sapori serves sushi and Bermudian fare and is located at the Grape Bay Beach Hotel. Homer’s Café is a Bermudian snack bar located within the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.

There are a great many hotels in Paget Parish for visitors to choose from. Elbow Beach Hotel and Coco Reef Resort are both located on Elbow Beach. Both are luxury resorts and Coco Reef Resort features ocean views from all of its rooms. Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel Bermuda is one of the newer luxury resorts in Paget Parish featuring 45 guest units of studios and suites. Coral Beach Club Bermuda is a luxury resort offering cottages overlooking the South Shore beaches. There are 32 rooms and suites and 13 cottages available.

Although the Parish has several high-end luxury hotels, there are also options for visitors who are more budget-conscious in this parish. Greenbank Cottages, Erith Guesthouse Bermuda, Dawkins Manor Bermuda, and Little Pomander Guesthouse Bermuda are the least expensive options in Paget Parish. Mid-price range hotel options in Paget Parish include Salt Kettle House Bermuda, Fourways Inn Cottage Colony, Horizons and Cottages Bermuda, and Wharf Executive Suites Bermuda. Fourways Inn Cottage Colony has 11 cottages and Horizons and Cottages Bermuda has 13 cottages. Wharf Executive Suites Bermuda is designed for extended stay and business travelers. This hotel has 15 suites which all have excellent views of the Hamilton harbor.