Elbow Beach Bermuda is Quite Large

Elbow Beach is located on the south coast of Bermuda in Paget Parish, two miles south of Hamilton. The beach is so named for its curve which resembles the curve of an elbow. Elbow Beach Bermuda is quite large, stretching a half a mile in length. Parts of it are privately owned by resorts, however much of the beach is public. At the western end of the beach is the Coral Beach & Tennis Club and at the eastern end is Coco Reef Resort and the Elbow Beach Hotel. While the beach is popular, it is large enough to not get too crowded.

Perfect For Swimming & Snorkeling

The water at Elbow Beach remains quite calm due to some coral reefs close to the shore which block the ocean breezes so it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. A special treat for snorkelers is the Pollockshields shipwreck about a hundred yards off shore. To see the wreck, the easiest way is to take either an snorkel motorboat tour or an snorkel kayak tour available from the store at Elbow Beach.

Be Aware Of Rip Currents & Portuguese Man o’War  at Elbow Beach Bermuda

There are a couple of water hazards to be aware of at Elbow Beach, rip currents and Portuguese Man o’War. Rip currents have the appearance of a deceptively calm and flat area of water. If caught in a rip current, remain calm and allow the current to pull you until it loses its power. Then swim parallel to the shore until clear of the rip current. The Portuguese Man o’War looks similar to a jellyfish but is actually made up of several smaller organisms. A sting from one of its tentacles can be fatal, but typically isn’t. There are no lifeguards posted at Elbow Beach so one should be especially cautious about these hazards.

The public portion of Elbow Beach Bermuda has public restrooms and a concession stand renting out snorkeling gear, sand chairs, beach umbrellas, chaise lounges, and the like. Blue Water Divers rents out kayaks, boogie boards, inflatable sailboats, and snorkel gear as well as offers scuba diving lessons and guided shore dives.

Nearby Hotels & Restaurants

There is a restaurant called Mickey’s Bistro & Bar located on the beach that belongs to the Elbow Beach Hotel but is open to the public. It features Mediterranean cuisine but has become well-known for its steak and seafood. Besides Mickey’s, other nearby restaurants in close walking distance include the Lido Restaurant, Seahorse Grill, Blue Point Restaurant, Sea Breeze, and Café Coco.

There are three hotels located on the beach: the Coral Beach & Tennis Club, Elbow Beach Club Resort, and Coco Reef Resort Bermuda. The Coral Beach & Tennis Club is a members-only resort where guests have to be introduced by a current member or become a member themselves. It has 45 guest units, two restaurants, and a beauty salon. Elbow Beach Club Resort is a five-star hotel with 333 guestrooms and seven unique restaurants. Coco Reef Resort Bermuda has 129 rooms in four categories: Standard, Ocean View, Beach Front, and One Bedroom Suite. Guests can choose to participate in a meal plan during their stay or eat at Coco Reef Resort Bermuda’s two restaurants.


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