Special Permission Is Required To Visit

Nonsuch Island Beach Bermuda is located on Nonsuch Island, which is a wildlife refuge. As such, special permission must be obtained from the Department of Conservation Service before visiting the beach and island. The beach is only accessible by boat and the Department of Conservation Services may be able to arrange transportation as it gives tours of the island.

Since Nonsuch Island Beach is a protected natural beach, it has more natural vegetation and rocks than other beaches on Bermuda. So, protective footwear should be worn when visiting. However, there is plenty of soft sand to stretch out on. While exploring the rest of the island, beachgoers must remember to not disturb the wildlife, as it is illegal in addition to being dangerous.

Nearby Attractions of Nonsuch Island Beach Bermuda

The beach does not have any public restrooms and lifeguards are not stationed so it may not be a good choice of beach for families with small children. No concessions are available at Nonsuch Island Beach. The water is clear and excellent for snorkeling. Due to the need for obtaining official permission to visit, this beach is never very crowded so makes for a great location to get some privacy to relax.

The Carter House museum is just over a mile and a half away from Nonsuch Island Beach. This house was one of the first to be built in Bermuda, having been constructed in 1640. Today it houses Bermudian artifacts with a focus on farming and whaling. The museum is open from April to November from 10 a.m. to four p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Admission to the Carter House is free.

Fort Popple and Fort Cunningham are historical sites located less than two miles away from Nonsuch Island Beach. Fort Popple is mostly in ruins, however, the area around the fort can be explored and no admission fee is charged. Fort Cunningham is located on Paget Island and is only accessible by boat. It has been both defenses for the area and prison in its lifetime.

Nearby Hotels & Restaurants

There are only two restaurants within two miles of Nonsuch Island Beach: Blackhorse Tavern and Café Boulevard. Blackhorse tavern serves traditional Caribbean fare such as fried chicken and seafood dishes in an informal setting. Grilled steaks and hamburgers are also available.

There are not hotels in the immediate vicinity of Nonsuch Island, the closest accommodations to be found are located in the town of St. George, 2.6 miles away. Hotels in St. George include Mid Ocean Club Cottages, St. George Club Bermuda Cottages, and Aunt Nea’s Inn. Mid Ocean Club Cottages features cottages that all have open patios or private balconies. It also features a famous championship golf course, four private beaches, and two all-weather tennis courts. Complimentary afternoon tea is served in the Clubhouse daily.

St. George Club Bermuda Cottages has 71 cottages over 18 acres of land; 28 one-bedroom and 43 two-bedroom units. All of the units have kitchens. The resort also features an 18-hole golf course, three pools, three tennis courts, a fitness center, a private beach, and a restaurant.


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