Only Public Beach in Smith’s Parish

John Smith’s Bay Beach Bermuda is located on the eastern side of Bermuda in Smith’s Parish, two miles south of Henry’s Hill. The capital city of Hamilton is four and a half miles to the west southwest. It is between the Pink Beach Club and Watch Hill Park as well as being close to Devil’s Hole Aquarium. It is the sole public beach located in Smith’s Parish. The beach is named after Captain John Smith who first created a map of Bermuda in 1631.

John Smith’s Bay Beach Bermuda is Friendly For Swimming & Snorkeling

This pink sand beach is wide and long and flanked by rocks. There is a reef approximately 200 yards from the shore that prevents boats from entering the bay and keeps the water relatively calm. This is a very family-friendly location for swimming and snorkeling. The snorkeling is excellent and one does not need to swim out to the reef to see marine life, as colorful fish can be seen just a few yards off the shore, particularly in the rocky area to the west end. Rip currents do occasionally pose a risk at John Smith’s Bay but fortunately, lifeguards are posted from May to September.

Nearby Attractions of John Smith’s Bay Beach Bermuda

John Smith’s Bay is popular with locals, but not known as much to tourists. It can become crowded, but in general is quite secluded and tranquil. Public restrooms are available. On most days, there is a lunch wagon selling fish cakes, burgers, fries, ice cream, cold drinks, and the like. If one prefers, there is a nearby supermarket called Harrington Hundreds located about a mile west from John Smith’s Bay where one can pick up provisions for a beach picnic lunch.

Two nearby attractions include the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve and the Devil’s Hole Aquarium. Spittal Pond is the largest nature reserve and national park in Bermuda. Portuguese Rock is located on the grounds of the nature reserve and is where it is believed are the earliest human remnants on Bermuda. Devil’s Hole Aquarium is a collapsed cave that formed a blue hole or natural sweet water aquarium. Fish that can be seen here include angelfish, jacks, moray eels, and turtles. Tucker’s Point and Mid Ocean Golf Club are golf courses about a mile and a half away from John Smith’s Bay.

Nearby Hotels & Restaurants

Unfortunately, the closest restaurant to John Smith’s Bay Beach Bermuda is a mile and a half away: Rustico. It can be reached by walking, but a taxi might be preferable. Rustico serves American cuisine and specializes in appetizers and bagels. Other restaurants within two miles of John Smith’s Bay include Indigo, The Point Restaurant, Pizza House Restaurant, Foxy’s Café, Tom Moore’s Tavern, and the North Rock Brewing Company.

The closest hotels to John Smith’s Bay are Pink Beach Club and Angel’s Grotto, both within a half a mile of the beach. The Pink Beach Club is a large all-inclusive resort with 113 guestrooms. The property has two private beaches and most meals are included with one’s stay. In addition, it has live entertainment every night of the week. Angel’s Grotto is a small hotel with just seven total guestrooms. All rooms have a kitchenette with a refrigerator.


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