Excellent Location For Bird Watching

Hog Bay Beach Bermuda is located within Hog Bay Park, two miles away from Somerset Village to the north-northeast. Hog Bay Park is a 32-acre national park owned by the Bermudan government. There is a network of trails throughout the park and extensive unspoiled forest area as well as thick bushes. Hog Bay Park is an excellent location for bird watching as over 120 species of birds can be seen in the park including the Orchard Oriole, Olive-Sided Flycatcher, Painted Bunting, Clay-Colored Sparrow, Rough-Legged Hawk, Purple Finch, and Spotted Sandpipers.

To reach Hog Bay Beach, one has to walk down the main trail which is somewhat rocky and wooded. In addition, the beach disappears completely at high tide, so it is important to time one’s visit accordingly. Typically the beach exists for about four hours per day.

Hog Bay Beach Bermuda Is Excellent For Swimming & Snorkeling

The beach is excellent for swimming and snorkeling as many colorful fish can be seen in the seagrass beds. Sea turtles can even be seen on occasion. The water is shallow and stays that way for a few hundred yards out from the shore. Footwear should be worn while at Hog Bay Beach as the beach has rough sand, shells, and sea urchins.

Very few people know about Hog Bay Beach so it is rarely crowded, especially since one must walk a bit to get to the beach. It is one of the most secluded beaches in Bermuda. No public restrooms are available nor are lifeguards posted. Therefore, families with small children may wish to visit a different beach. Also, ensure that all visitors are physically able to walk the trail before visiting Hog Bay Beach.

Explore Fort Scaur at Hog Bay Beach Bermuda

Fort Scaur is a historical site about a mile away from Hog Bay Beach to the northeast. This fort was built in the 1870s due to fears that the United States might attack the Royal Naval Dockyard. The U.S. did occupy Fort Scaur during World War II, but as allies. Fort Scaur is within a park with picnic tables and open green space and the fort features barracks, cannons, and bunkers to view. Fort Scaur is open every day from 10 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. and is free to visit. Visitors to Hog Bay Beach might also consider visiting the nearby charming Somerset Village which has just one main road.

Nearby Hotels & Restaurants

There are several restaurants located two miles away from Hog Bay Beach. These include Arabian Palace, Cool Pleasures Ice Cream, Misty’s Take-Out, New Traditions Restaurant, Salt Rock Grill & Sushi Bar, the Village Café, and Woody’s Drive Inn Two. Salt Rock Grill & Sushi Bar serves only locally-caught fresh fish including Bermudan lobster when in season. Steaks are also available.

The two closest hotels to Hog Bay Beach are The Corals and Cambridge Beaches Resort, both about two and a half miles from the beach. The Corals is a renovated farmhouse with just two guestrooms. A stay at The Corals includes complimentary breakfast. Cambridge Beaches Resort is a medium-sized property with a total of 188 guestrooms. The resort features live entertainment nightly, several restaurants, two bars, a spa, an exercise gym, and a beauty salon.


Hog Bay Beach, Bermuda

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