West Whale Bay Beach Bermuda

West Whale Bay Beach is a tiny, secluded beach located towards the northwestern outskirts of Southampton Parish, three miles south of Somerset Village. West Whale Bay Beach is so named because Bermudan whalers used to launch their boats from the bay.

Also, whales migrate past the small bay from March to May so it is a good location for whale-watching.

Shallow and Calm Waters

West Whale Bay Beach is a perfect spot for children due to its shallow and calm waters.
Behind the beach is a park with a few picnic tables. The park’s picnic tables make a fantastic location to sit and watch gorgeous ocean sunsets. The adjacent parking lot has public restrooms.

West Whale Bay Beach does not have any concessions or other amenities, nor are there lifeguards stationed. The beach itself is set below a rocky cliff and tends to disappear at high tide. Therefore, check the Royal Gazette newspaper for tide times before heading to the beach.

West Whale Bay Battery

West Whale Bay Beach is also near West Whale Bay Fort which dates back to the 18th century. Little of it remains today. West Whale Bay Battery, which was built at the end of the 19th century is far more substantial. Visitors can explore the ammunition stores, gun emplacements, defenses, and barracks. There is also the adjoining Port Royal Golf Course, for those interested in golfing.

Since West Whale Bay Beach is so small and isolated, it is likely that one may end up having the beach all to themselves when visiting. It is an excellent location for snorkeling as well as shore fishing. When snorkeling in Bermuda, visibility can be more than 150 feet. Potential fish that can be caught include pompano, bonefish, great barracuda, and gray snapper.

Somerset Village

One may want to explore Somerset Village and grab provisions for a picnic before heading to West Whale Bay Beach. This village is small, consisting of just one main road, but charming and full of water sports activities such as wreck diving, fishing, sailing, and boating. The next closest supermarket to West Whale Bay Beach is located in Heron Bay, on the way from Hamilton.

Nearby Hotels

Nearby hotels include Pompano Beach Club, The Reefs, and the Fairmont Southampton.

Pompano Beach Club

Pompano Beach Club is a four-star beachfront resort located less than a mile from West Whale Bay Beach featuring a spa, gourmet cuisine restaurant, and fitness center.

The Reefs

The Reefs is a four-star hotel located just under two miles from West Whale Bay Beach with a private beach, three different restaurants, a spa, swimming pool, and fitness center. Ocean views are available from every room. The Reefs also offers free breakfast and free high-speed internet.

Fairmont Southampton

The Fairmont Southampton is the highest rated resort out of the three, with 4.5 stars, and is located approximately two and a half miles from West Whale Bay Beach. It is Bermuda’s largest luxury beach resort situated on nearly 100 acres. The Fairmont Southampton features a spa, swimming pool, fitness center, eleven tennis courts, several restaurant options, and a golf course.


West Whale Beach Bermuda