Trip Advisor Rated #8

Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most celebrated beach in Bermuda and was rated the #8 best beach in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor in 2019. It is located on the south coast of the main island in Southampton Parish. Horseshoe Bay Beach is part of a larger network of beaches that are collectively called South Shore Park.

Horseshoe Bay Beach is so named because it is said to be shaped like a horseshoe, although it is actually more crescent-shaped. The beach sand is fine and light pink in color. There are actually two beaches at Horseshoe Bay, the main crescent-shaped one which stretches for about a third of a mile and the smaller Port Royal Cove. Port Royal Cove is sheltered and excellent for children so is often called “Baby Beach.” The two beaches are separated by a large rock formation.

Popular Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is very popular in the summer, especially because cruise ship passengers like to frequent it. It is large enough to accommodate crowds however one should still arrive early to stake out a good spot. There are lifeguards on duty at Horseshoe Bay Beach’s. One lifeguard station manned from 10 AM to 6 PM between May and October. This is unusual among beaches in Bermuda. The water is quite chilly from September until May, so aside from romantic strolls on the beach the water should be avoided. The beach is open from sunrise to sunset.

There are a few hazards to be aware of at the beach, specifically the Portuguese Man o’War and rip currents. Rip currents are easy to spot in that they look like a deceptively flat and calm area of water. If caught in a rip current, allow the current to pull you until it loses its force, then swim parallel to the shore until clear of the rip current.

The Portuguese Man o’War looks like a jellyfish but is actually composed of several smaller organisms. It has a gas-filled bladder allowing it to float which is translucent and bluish. A sting from a Portuguese Man o’War’s tentacles can be fatal, but usually isn’t. Lifeguards have the equipment and knowledge to treat anyone who has been stung.

Excellent Facilities

Horseshoe Bay Beach has excellent facilities including free public restrooms and shower facilities. There is also a beach rental facility where beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented. They also sell towels. In addition, there is a small grill called the Rum Bum Beach Bar that sells hot dogs, burgers, fish sandwiches, French fries, soft drinks, ice cream, and water.

Nearby Hotels

Nearby hotels include the Fairmont Southampton Hotel and the Reefs Resort and Club. The Fairmont is adjacent to Horseshoe Bay Beach and has its own private beach, spa, tennis courts, swimming pools, and a golf course. The Reefs is about a mile from Horseshoe Bay Beach and has a spa, pool, and fitness facilities.

Horseshoe Bay Beach Events

Events held include the ITF Beach Tennis International Tournament, the Bermuda Sand Sculpture Competition, the Bermuda Good Friday KiteFest, and the Bermuda Beachfest Emancipation Celebration. The Bermuda Beachfest Emancipation Celebration is held usually either the last Wednesday and Thursday in July or the first Wednesday and Thursday in August. It is an event full of beach sports, live entertainment, cultural traditions, activities and much more and is quite popular. New Year’s Eve is often celebrated by ex-pats at Horseshoe Bay Beach as well.


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