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Black Bay Beach is located on Ireland Island in west Sandy’s Parish, a mile and a half northeast of Somerset Village. It is located roughly a twenty minute walk from the Royal Naval Dockyard, where cruise ships frequently dock. So, the beach is a favorite of cruise ship passengers. However, a walk is not recommended as there are no sidewalks. Visitors at the Dockyard should instead take bus 7 or 8 from the Dockyard to Royal Naval Cemetery which is just about a 300 yard walk to Black Bay Beach Bermuda.

Black Bay Beach is small, and completely disappears during high tide. The clear, calm, shallow water has a great many sharp rocks so it is not advisable to go swimming here. However, if proper care is taken, swimming and snorkeling may be fun. The beach offers incredible views of the sunset and the concession stand offers sunset parties from Sunday to Thursday. Black Bay beach has three natural coves.

There is a Black Bay Beach & Concession since the summer of 2013 that rents hammocks, inflatables, chairs, and umbrellas in addition to selling snacks and drinks. The concession stand is open from nine a.m. to sunset from Sunday to Friday. There are also portable toilets available at Black Bay Beach. It is a nice family beach since it has amenities not seen at other more secluded beaches.

Collection of Sea Glass is Illegal at Black Bay Beach Bermuda

Black Bay Beach adjoins Sea Glass Beach, which as the name sounds, is an excellent location for finding sea glass. Both Sea Glass Beach and Black Bay Beach are great locations for finding green, clear, white, brown, and blue sea glass. However, the West End Development Corporation of Bermuda, which owns Black Bay Beach, has put up a sign stating that collection of sea glass from the beach is illegal. This step was taken because of the large number of visitors who were collecting sea glass from the beach. If it continued, the beach would have eventually had no sea glass at all. So now the sea glass is beautiful to look at, but must not be collected.

A trip into the one road town of Somerset Village may be enjoyable for visitors of Black Bay Beach. The village is just one and a half miles from the beach and can be accessed by foot, bus, or taxi. Salt Rock Grill & Sushi Grill, a restaurant located in Somerset Village, serves only locally caught fish including Bermuda lobster when in season. There are several other restaurants located in the village to choose from.

Nearby Hotels and Restaurants

The two closest hotels to Black Bay Beach are the Corals and Cambridge Beaches Resort, both a little over a mile from the beach. The Corals is a renovated farmhouse with just two guest units. The guestrooms feature kitchenette and private bath. Complimentary breakfast is included with the stay. Cambridge Beaches Resort is a fairly large property with 188 units. The resort features several restaurants, a beauty salon, and a spa. In-room amenities vary based on guests’ choice of room.


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